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VIU Assistance Phone System - Phase I

Facilities Services and Campus Development is pleased to announce the introduction of VIU’s new Assistance Phone System on our Nanaimo Campus.

The new system has been operational since Monday, July 30, 2012.

The new Assistance Phones are blue cylindrical "towers" located strategically around the Nanaimo Campus and are available to provide assistance to anyone in the event of an emergency or if assistance is required. The following are expamples of when to use an Assistance Phone:

  • Personal Security:
    • "Safe Walk" request
    • Assistance to access buildings / offices
  • Emergencies:
    • medical / first-aid / fire
    • vehicle / building break-in
    • report suspicious activity / person
    • theft / vandalism
    • natural gas or propane leaks / smells
    • anything building or site-related that causes you concern
  • Any other event of an urgent nature

Should you need to activate an Assistance Phone, simply push the button labelled "HELP" on the front panel of the phone. The phone will dial, and an operator will assist you shortly.

The new Assistance Phone System operates in addition to the existing Yellow Call Boxes:

Below is a reference map which indicates the locations of the 12 new Assistance Phones in addition to the locations of the existing Yellow Call Boxes. **(Click on map below to open)**

If you require further information, please contact Facilities Services and Campus Development at local 6500 (or 250.740.6500).

Revised 26-July-2012

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