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Space Planning Resources

Space Standards

Instructional Station Space Standards

Student Station Area Detail

Government Office Space Standards (GOSS)

Government Office Space Standards used for Government Offices

BC University and College Space Standards Review

The Ministry of Advanced Education's review of space standards and facility guidelines used by British Columbia Colleges and Universities.

Facility Inventory System (FIS) Space Codes

Space code detail used for FIS.

Other Useful Links

Ministry of Advanced Education - Capital Planning Website

Facility Inventory System (FIS) VIEWER

View the institutions Facility Inventory information such as room areas, flooring types and equipment.

Facility Inventory System (FIS) EDITOR

Use this page to edit the Facility Inventory System information.

Office Inventory System (OIS)

This web site allows departmental Office Space Coordinators to manage office space and occupants.

Room Booking Report

Provides room scheduling information of specified rooms.

Find a Room

A search engine that will provide available rooms for given dates and times.

Room Utilization Summary Report

Use this report to generate a Building Utilization SUMMARY report. This report will summarize the utilization of each room of a selected building.

Building and Room Utilization Reports

Use this report to generate a Building Utilization DETAIL report. This report will list all the booking details of each room of a selected building.

Course Scheduling Dashboards

This resource was developed for the Space Allocation Group to assess instructional space utilization and inform annual Faculty room allocations.


Use this form to submit space requests to the Space Allocation Group (SAG).

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