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Fire Alarm System Replacement


Installation of VIU's Nanaimo Campus new Fire Alarm System is now complete.

New Fire Alarm Signal:

1) Intermittent bell sound (not constant): 4 x 3 rings of the traditional bell sound.

Followed by:

2) An announcement which will play 2 times: "Your attention please, your attention please, there is a fire emergency in the building. You are to leave the building by the nearest exit or exit stairway."

The above sequence will continue until the alarm is acknowledged.

Should an alarm occur, please evacuate your building immediately and proceed to the nearest assembly point. Do not use elevators. Use the nearest exit or exit stairway.



Project Overview

This project was identified as part of Facilities Services and Campus Development's (FSCD) renewal plan as well as a facilities condition audit performed in 2010 by the Ministry of Advanced Education for BC campuses. The Ministry subsequently provided funding for the replacment of our Fire Alarm Systems (Life Safety Systems) on the Nanaimo Campus. This was a welcome improvement as campus safety is a top prioirty for FSCD.

This work occurred overnight (9pm – 7am) between November 13, 2012 and March 21, 2013 in all buildings on campus.


Why was it replaced?

VIU's old Fire Alarm System was a mix of numerous brands and models, most of which were obsolete. The old system was very limited in functionality and ongoing maintenance efforts were substantial.

This upgrade standardized the entire Fire Alarm System on VIU's Nanaimo Campus onto a single platform and vastly improved its functionality using the latest available technology. The new system provides a higher level of protection for building occupants; improvement to visual communication for the hearing impaired; improvement of the precision and spectrum of information available to the Fire Department, Service Administrators and Technicians; improvement to the efficiency of ongoing maintenance; and provides a ready-platform for integration of an institution-wide Mass Notification System (for emergency communication) in the future.


What was replaced?

Old Equipment:

Panels and Annunciator Boards:

Bells, detectors, pull stations:

Other infrastructure


New Equipment:

Panels and Annunciator Boards:


Speakers (replace bells), strobes, pull stations, detectors:




Contact Information

VIU Project Manager:
Drew Taylor

For general information, please contact Facilities Services and Campus Development at local 6500 (or 250.740.6500), or

Updated 11-Apr-2013

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