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Design Guidelines and Perfomance Specifications

Vancouver Island University's Facility Design Guidelines and Performance Specifications highlight important procedures and requirements for capital projects, with the objective of maximizing quality and value by ensuring uniformity, compatibility and maintainability.

The purpose of the Design Guidelines and Performance Specifications is to provide general direction to the contractor; to ensure quality and consistency in the building design and to outline which products, systems and methods of construction are acceptable to the institution. These guidelines are also intended to promote suitable design and to discourage deisgn which cause confusion and conflict. Consultants are encouraged to propose cost effective variations that meet or exceed these standards within a project. The specified applicable elements [within these guidelines] shall be incorporated into the final design of all projects to ensure a valuable, uniform, physical environment for the institution.

These guidelines are not intended to restrict the design and construction process, nor do they relieve the designers and contractors from their professional responsibility of complying with the applicable codes, standards or project specific requirements; but rather they are a framework for decision making.

Please contact Craig Hanson or Drew Taylor to obtain current Documents.

Facility Design Guidelines

Facility Performance Specifications

IT Design Guidelines

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