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Campus Development

"We believe that effective planning is vital to achieving desired outcomes"

Campus Development administers the planning, design and construction of all new, renovation, and alteration projects at VIU. We will work with your department to develop the scope of work for your renovation, relocation, or consolidation project and provide coordination and management of construction.


Requests for Building Renovations and Alterations are to be submitted to the Executive Director, Facilities Services and Campus Development via email and your project will then be assigned for further consultation.

The scope of each project varies; therefore, the following should be used as a general guideline as to the process for renovations. A site visit and discussion with the requesting department is held and an estimate is prepared if required. If approval is given by the requesting department, preliminary drawings and layouts are prepared by Campus Development and reviewed with clients. Final drawings are then completed and tenders are called. If the tender amount is approved, the project is awarded and construction is scheduled in coordination with the requesting department. Should the project not proceed, the requesting department will be required to pay for design and tendering costs.

As a guideline, complicated jobs with a value of $100,000 or more may require 3-4 months’ lead time from the time of the approval to proceed to tender, while less complicated projects may require 1-2 months’ lead time from approval to proceed to tender.

Throughout a construction project, changes may be required by the customer or Campus Development. If changes are needed after the start of a construction project, a change order will be required. An original estimate may or may not be affected by issuance of a change order.

Change orders can be either an addition of scope to the project or a deletion to the project. If there were an increase in an estimate, approval would have to be obtained from the requesting department in order to proceed with change in work.

For more information, contact Campus Development by calling 6500 or e-mail

Drafting/Design Services

Campus Development is responsible for the planning, design and coordination of new construction. It also develops, implements and executes engineering plans and specification for all major and minor capital renovation work on VIU's campuses. For more information related to drafting/design services, call 6500.


Upon request and subject to available resources Campus Development can provide cost estimates to assist departments in budget preparation or project planning. When submitting a request for an estimate, please include a complete and accurate description of the work. You will then be contacted to further review and refine the description of work to arrive at an accurate estimate.

There will be no charge for ballpark estimates, as such estimates are based on general construction standards. While these ballpark estimates do not include detailed design information to arrive at the cost figures the Departments will typically use this type of estimate for funding requests and budget planning.

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